About Me

I am Pasang Lama, a 3D artist with 5 years of experience in developing CG/3D assets for games, film, and advertising. I enjoy all aspects of CG art from painting, modeling, and texturing to rigging, animation, rendering, and compositing. Though I would say my specific interest lies in modeling and texturing which is an area I am always exploring a great deal more.
I have completed a diploma in the field of animation successfully from Black box animation academy from Kathmandu Nepal and currently involved as a Senior Instructor Animax Animation Academy. Besides I work as a freelancer.

A little intro

I’m positively passionate about computer animation Modeling, Digital matte painting, Lighting texturing, Animation Illustration, and Game development.


Being a CG artist, I’ve built up a flexible Workflow best on the animation pipeline. I’m a very fast learner and quickly adapt to new software and Animation pipeline workflow.

A journey of a boy from the big dense city to an imaginary beautiful world with a beautiful story.
The story is available in Hardcover, Softcover, and Kindle editions. Each is available via the website attached below. www.beyondtheclocktower.com

Deep in the heart of the BIG city, there lives a boy. Concerned that he will never leave the city, the boy asks his friend, the Clocktower, what lies outside the city limits. But the Clocktower has never left either and instead tells the boy to return at midnight and follow the moon to where the sky touches the sea. And as the clock strikes midnight, the boy follows the moon, alone, through the empty city streets.

The boy is guided by the moon, the sun, the cloud, the forest, the fire, and the river on an epic adventure. Along the journey, he learns about life, love, happiness, sadness, and bravery. He learns about the Earth and himself, emerging with a new understanding of the interconnectedness and a new appreciation for ‘home’.


Organic and hard surface modelling,
Unwrapping and texturing,
Shading, lighting, rendering, and compositing,
Visual Effects – traditional/Digital art


Maya, Z brush, Photoshop, Krita
Substance painter,
Mental ray, Arnold

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